Thanks to you, Marianne, for keeping my teeth sparkling clean for 12 years. Nothing escapes your explorer, which keeps potential problems from becoming big problems. You are an excellent hygienist!!! It’s always a pleasure to spend time at your office with you and your staff.

Dear Marianne,
We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your services at Salida Dental Hygiene.
As you know for the last few years we have been traveling, and because we understand the importance of good dental hygiene, we have continued to have regular check-ups along the way.
Although adequate, our dental visits both in the US and Africa were never as good as being under your care.  After our check-ups we both always remarked how much better our mouths felt when you did the cleaning!
We always feel very comfortable and relaxed under your care and it is always a pleasant experience to visit with you and Christine.
Thank you both!!
R and B

Thank you for taking the time to check on my tooth while I was on vacation.  All is good!  Mom and Dad love you and so do I.
Thank you,

Dear Marianne,
​I want to thank you for all the years that you treated me and my teeth.  It must have been hard for you to see me choose against your advice not to pull all my bottom teeth.  You were right!  I was wrong – but we cannot go back.  You may let anyone who is thinking about getting a lower denture read this if you think it might help them reconsider.  Life is never the same.

Again, thank you, Marianne.  You personify what my sweet husband told me once long ago.  “Better to do a few things well than many things poorly.” Keep doing what you do so well – always.


No one cleans like you do!!

Dr. H. said you were the best!!

I live in an RV and travel the country, so finding competent dental care can be a challenge!   A couple of months ago I returned to Marianne for a routine 6-month cleaning and evaluation; she surprisingly discovered a questionable problem below my gum.  She referred me to a local dentist who then referred me on to an endodontist for a root canal, which was successfully done.

Both doctors expressed amazement that she had detected my problem in such an early stage of development, and remarked on her reputation as an astute care provider.   They felt her diligence had enabled them to treat me in time to prevent further difficulties with the tooth.  This experience has reinforced my determination to find myself in Marianne’s office every 6 months!   She has certainly earned my trust and this confident recommendation to anyone seeking excellent (and affordable!) management of their dental care.

I am thrilled to be a part of letting others know of the level of care you give to people like me.   Good luck, and I’ll see you in 6 months – or so!!!