About Salida Dental Hygiene

Marianne Stein Wancura, RDH



Marianne was born in the small town of Ashland, Kansas, near the Santa Fe Trail, where her father and two brothers consecutively practiced dentistry. She grew up in the middle of ranches, wheat fields, and Indian country.

She attended The Wichita State University, and upon graduating in 1973, she immediately moved to Loveland, Colorado. She has practiced dental hygiene in Denver, Estes Park, Elk City, Oklahoma, Amarillo, Texas, Manhattan and Dodge City, Kansas, and in her hometown, working with both of her brothers.

In 1993, She moved her family to Salida, and opened up an alternative dental hygiene practice in February of 1996. She has been in the same location since then. She also sees patients regularily at Columbine Manor Nursing Home in Salida, and at Ashland Health Center in Ashland, Kansas.

Marianne has three children, Jonathan, Laura and Brianna.

She enjoys tennis, hiking, biking, skiing and fly fishing, and is especially addicted to reading. . .and dark chocolate.